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The Selection of Belgian beers are served traditionally with their own glass. The beers were selected on taste and comprise pale ales, dark ales, fruit beers, trapist beers and white beers. The glasses are available to buy. Ask about daily special discounts!

Belgian Bottled Beers

Jupiler Non-Alcoholic 25cl
Pils - Jupiler's great tasting beer without the alcohol
Jupiler 25cl
Pils - Crisp and hoppy pale lager beer. Light in body but refreshingly dry. Often overlooked because of the wealth of more unusual Belgian beers, Jupiler is Belgium's biggest selling beer, light in taste. Originally form the location near Liege
De Koninck 33cl
Belgian Ale - Amber coloured, top-fermented beer with a lively taste and velvet soft aroma
Leffe Blonde 33cl
Abbey Beer - Light bodied for its strength and with a little hoppy dryness at the finish. A spicy clove like aroma
Chimay Red Cap 33cl
Trappist Ale - Chimay brews are named after the colour of the caps. Red is the least strong and is full bodied and spicy. Full copper colour with a soft palate
Kwak 33cl
Speciality Beer - This Flemish speciality is a heart warming brew, dark and strong. It will win attention when served in the most unusual glass. Allegedly held on the sides of stagecoaches in times past in the stirrup cup. Pauwel Kwak, an innkeeper, once brewed this beer, which was revived by Bosteels brewery in east Flanders
Duvel 33cl
Golden Ale - The classic strong golden ale with a large creamy head. A subtle fruitiness and distinctive delicate taste will lead you into temptation. One of the world's great beers - Duvel means devil in Flemish and it is sinfully deceptive - light in body, pale in colour
Timmerman's Strawberry 33cl
Fruit Beer - a sweetened lambic with added strawberry.
Timmerman's Frambozen 33cl
Fruit Beer - Brussels' summer drink - further fermentation of lambic blends is created by addition of raspberries. Timmermans Raspberry has a huge bouquet and makes a delicate aperitif
Timmerman's Kriek 33cl
Fruit Beer - the lambic blend is given further fermentation by addition of fruit, originally cherries local to the area, which after conditioning gives a pronounced cherry flavour and almondy dryness
Timmerman's Peche 33cl
Fruit Beer - a sweetened lambic with added peach juice. Only the juice is used, as the stone of the fruit is too bitter and would change the taste significantly
Vedett Blonde 33cl
Pils - Crisp and light flavoured, this is a well-carbonated Belgian pilsner, with a soft rice sweetness, that is clean and refreshing in character
Vedett White 33cl
White Beer - a delicious refreshing taste, surprisingly crisp punctuated with an orange and lemon like zest, rounded with a mildly bitter taste and dry finish
La Chouffe 33cl
Blonde Beer - an unfiltered blonde beer, which is re-fermented in the bottle as well as in the keg. It is pleasantly fruity, spiced with coriander, and with a light hop taste
Orval 33cl
Trappist Beer - Brewed and bottle-conditioned at Orval monastery founded in the 1100s. A complex fermentation with multiple yeasts, dry-hopping and bottle conditioning all contibute to great character and complexity
Delirium Tremens Blonde 33cl
Strong Ale - The particular character and the unique taste result from the use of three different kinds of yeast
Delirium Nocturnum Dark 33cl
A warm velvety soft character beer with a strong taste and long lasting bitter aftertaste
Brewdog Vagabond Pale Ale 33cl
Gluten Free

Lager / Beers

ABV½ pintpint
Stella Artois
Newcastle Brown Ale
San Miguel
5.0%£2.95 (33cl)


Stella (Pear) 56.8cl
Bulmers (Original) 56.8cl
Bulmers (Berry) 56.8cl

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